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Tradition To The Extreme


It is our mission to provide quality martial arts training to the youth and adults of our community. This will be accomplished by the use of qualified instructors who are single minded in their pursuit of excellence in teaching a program that is geared towards helping the students achieve the ability to defend themselves, while obtaining optimum martial fitness through the combination of traditional and state of the art training routines.

It is also our intentions to reinforce the positive values of the martial arts such as Honor, Integrity, Respect, Discipline, Self Confidence and Strength of character in all our students and encourage them to practice these values in their everyday lives

Tradition To The Extreme

 Training Programs

The Academy of Applied Martial Arts offer a Variety of Training program

Traditional Karate Training.

This curriculum is for those who wish to follow the tradtional path of martial arts training.

The Attack Response Tactics system

The ARTS is a nuts and bolts defense program that gets straight to the business of self protection. 

Womens defense training

This program teaches you self awarness, the no mercy warrior mind set,  and the 10 habitual acts of violence of Men against Women, and how to sucessfully defend against them

Predator Awarness training

Teaches our chldren about predetors and the lures they use and how to avoid them, and basic techniques to help them defend or escape a bad situation.

Bully Awareness and Aggression Management Program (BAAM)

The BAAM program will teach our youth the ART of protecting themselves against bullying.

  • "Avoid" conflict by learning to prevent it through developing awareness and sensitivity to its causes.
  • Response" conflict by developing mental skills that give the confidence to neutralize potential hostility by alternative, nonviolent means.
  • "Tactics" conflict if it gets to the physical confrontational level by the proper and humane use of physical restraint.

Weapons Training

 Baton defense , Bo Staff training.

Stunt Fighting  (Digital video production)

We have now teamed up with Anything For A Buck Production to film Martial Arts Action Shorts, and a series of training videos.

The Xtreme Martial Fitness Program

This program is a combination of Karate, power kick cardio, and resistance band training. 

This program will have five Fitness Condition levels. 

I Guarantee you will feel the burn !

What's your FITCON Level?




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