The Academy Of Applied Martial Arts

Tradition To The Extreme


Don " The Iron Shihan" Burnell

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Don Burnell and I’m a martial arts instructor. I was born and raised in the Victor Valley. Growing up I was smaller than most of my classmates and I was bullied due to my size. I played sports to gain acceptance, but never really felt connected to any of them. Then at 16 I was introduced to martial arts and I have been training ever since.

After graduating from Valley High school in 1981 I am a combat trained veteran of the United States Air Force served 5 years Security police officer where I taught hand-to-hand combat to my fellow officers. I also served two years as a medical technician working multiple clinics such as the Obstetrical unit, Med Surg, and ICU.

I am currently employed full-time as a safety officer for KPRS Construction. In addition, I also train security professionals as a certified baton/security instructor for the Bureau of Security and Investigative services. In martial arts, I train in Doshin Kai Karate-Do. I am the owner and master instructor of The Academy of Applied Martial in Apple Valley Ca. I currently hold the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt(Shihan).

The martial arts for me is a life long journey, and it is my goal and honor to be able to pass on the knowledge that I have gained to train those who need the ability defend themselves from those who seek to hurt them mentally, physically and spiritually.