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Strength Training for Defense based Martial Arts

Posted by Don Burnell on June 5, 2014 at 4:20 PM

In the last segment we broke down the principles for power training in self defense based martial arts, and the #1 principle was strength,

What is Strength? Simply put, strength —is the ability to exert maximum muscular force.

Now we have to ask ourselves what is the basis of Martial Arts?

Conflict! That is the rawest form of the martial arts, a brutal interaction between two opposing forces, one attacking and one defending.

Two opposing forces, calling upon their muscles to exert max force at a moment notice; all for the purpose of survival. Pretty intense huh.....

The techniques used in Martial arts/ Self-defense are powerfully explosive; they are not intended to be executed half heartedly. I have always told my students, that the way you practice in the dojo is the way you will react in a real defense situation. So when you train, execute all your techniques with power and conviction. Side note (In the dojo control must be exercised to avoid injuring your training partner).

How does it apply to martial arts?

As it was stated earlier, techniques learned in martial arts based self defense training are powerful and explosive, and purpose of the Strength training exercises you choose should be geared towards enhancing those concepts. Just remember... when it comes to strength training, it is not the quantity but the quality of your lift. Stay focused on the proper way to execute each exercise in your routine. It is no different than when you are learning to throw a reverse punch, or a stomp side or kick or your first Kata.....technique is king.

How to improve your strength

The key to increased Strength is the application of the proper and correct amount of stress on the designated muscle group, and regularity of training. I have too warn you though don’t fall into the trap that I do when I take time off do not go all out in your first few days, nice and easy see that the way to do it. One of the main reasons for injury in strength training is too much stress. So don’t try to get into shape to quickly; it will come.

Basic guideline for your workout plan

1. Warm up should be at least 10 to 15 minutes. I usually do 20 minutes on the treadmill, but you can perform any type aerobic activity the will increase the blood flow to the large muscle groups...... your goal is to break a light sweat.

2. Use just enough weight to fatigue the muscle during the exercise. Remember that 60 to eighty percent of you maximum lift able weight is sufficient to produce gains in strength

3. Perform the predestinated sets and reps in each exercise of your training routine. are a

4. Depending on your training program, Increase or decrease the amount of reps x sets and weigh for each exercise.

5. Breathe Control First never hold your breath. Exhale up inhale down.

6. Consistency! Stick with your program. It will get easier as time goes on, and you will soon feel the benefits.

I have been lifting weights off and on since the age of 13, and been a practitioner of the martial arts since the age of 16, and I have always considered myself pretty darn hardcore when to came down to training... I lived for it. However, time goes by.... and the winds of change keep on blowing. Now that I have reached that pinnacle age of 50, I had to change my attitude from living to train to training to live. So I adapted my method of training from a modified bodybuilding type routine, to using a High intensity circuit training program. I thought the transition was going to be a tough, and I would not get the same feeling of power as did using my previous routine. Well, I can honestly say that my current training routine did not disappoint, it has help me to improve my muscular functionality, and I can definitely feel a difference when teaching a class, or when the opportunity presents itself... doing a little friendly sparring.

Now with that being said, before you begin down your path of iron, the first thing you need to do is your research. Go out and get a few different opinions on the different types and methods of training that are out there, that way you can make an informed decision about how to precede in your training. And the t source for research.... the internet; or if your old school like me, and like to hold your research material in your hands, you can go to your local bookstore pick up a copy of a popular muscle magazine or strength training book, or order it online.

In closing there are many different strength training programs power lifting, bodybuilding, physiques training, cross fit. The problem with those types of training is that it is not geared improving your martial arts skill out there, So do your home work find out what is going work best for you and the enhancement of your Defense skills .

In the next cast we will be covering speed what it is? How it applies to martial arts? And how to improve it

Until next time

Train to live and live to train

I am Don The Iron Sensei Burnell

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