The Academy Of Applied Martial Arts

Tradition To The Extreme

The Academy of Applied Martial Arts

Classes Offered

Doshin Kaikan Karate-Do

Doshin Kaikan Karate Do

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In our program, you will learn a combination of basic to advanced traditional martial arts and self defense techniques from these Martial Arts Styles: Doshin Kaikan Karate, Tang Soo Do, Jiujitsu, and Kickboxing.

Our programs are taught by qualified instructors who use traditional and state of the art training routines.  Our instructors are singled minded in the pursuit of excellence.  Our goal is to provide quality Martial Arts Instruction at an affordable price for the Children and Adults of the high desert community including:

Victorville Ca, Hesperia Ca, Adelanto Ca and Apple Valley Ca. 

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The Iron Tiger Cubs

Iron Tiger Cubs Kids Karate

Ages: 4 to 8

kids will learn basic to advanced karate techniques, predator and anti bullying awareness in a fast paced high energy environment while having tons of fun.

This training will help to improve their concentration, eye hand coordination, while reinforcing the positive values of the martial arts such as Honor Integrity Respect and Discipline.

Fighting Tigers Juijitsu
Iron Tiger Combatives
Is not a martial arts system,  ITC was developed as a nuts and bolts hand 2 hand defense course that will help you to learn and apply simple but effective defense strategies.

Here are a few other classes we offer
Tetsobu Jutsu Stick Fighting
Stunt Fighting