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Elite SG Training Division


TIB 1767 TFB 1218

Security Certification Course( Security Officer)

Proprietary Security Course(Doorman, Lose Prevention)

Baton Certification Course $160 (Includes Certificate)

Non Lethal Weapons Course (Include Certificates)

Pepper Spray Training $30.00

Taser Training (X26 EDC) $80.00

Combat Kubaton $50.00

Hand 2 Hand Combat $80.00

Hand Cuff Training $50.00

We offers a wide array of security certification courses to help you get on the fast track to your success & career in security industry. We are located in the Town of Apple Valley Ca, and provide training to all the surrounding communities

  • Victorville Ca

  • Hesperia Ca

  • Adelanto Ca

  • Barstow Ca

So if your interest in becoming a

certified security professional

please give us a call



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